Neteller Casinos

For quite some time now, Neteller has been a popular method of making payments in a Canadian online casino for providing its users with both convenience and security. You have been provided with various choices with which you can add or transfer your money to your casino account. And mind you, doing that is very easy and simple to do. An additional feature that the platform Neteller offers to its customers is the ‘security’ aspect. The users are not required to share their financial details and other information with the online merchant or e-casino.

Latest update 10 June 2024

Advantages of using Neteller

Simple and easy to set up:

To create an account on Neteller is quite easy and self-explanatory. And this is one of the primary reasons why Canadian punters prefer Neteller online casinos.


Neteller acts as a protective shield for your confidential financial information. When using Neteller, you are not required to store or even share your financial details with the casinos you are dealing with- especially if you are operating your account with more than one casino. The platform also deploys some of the most sophisticated and advanced 128-bit encryption available in the market. It also ensures the security of your data by using SSL, security socket layer.


Whenever you make any transactions at an online casino, your bank account or credit card transactions won’t show up. This will keep you anonymous.

Amazing withdrawal options:

The options that Neteller provides you for withdrawal are endless. You are also supplied with an option of subscribing for Net+, which is like a prepaid MasterCard and is associated with your account. The card can be both virtual as well as a plastic one and can be operated similarly to that of a traditional credit card. Both the card types can be used online, and plastic cards are also equipped with a feature of being accepted in the brick and mortar system and can be used to withdraw cash at ATMs.

Rewards for referring:

Neteller has been strongly focusing on getting more users through its sales funnel and has come up with an incredible idea of rewarding its customers for referring it to their friends and known people. The platform also gives its users bonuses when used at selected casinos. This also acts as a significant incentive launched by the app to persuade more players to use the platform.

Disadvantages of Neteller

The only drawback of Neteller is it charges fees for transacting money. The fees range from 1-5 percent, and it depends on the amount deposited by you in your respective e-casino’s account. If the deposit you made is small, you can expect a minimal fee but, if you regularly transact and that too with heavy sums, you can expect a burning hole in your pocket!


How to make a deposit using Neteller at an online Casino

Setting up a Neteller account

Setting up a Neteller account is not a very big task to accomplish; rather, it involves very basic steps, which are mentioned as follows:

  1. Type on your browser
  2. Look for the ‘sign-up’ option and click on it.
  3. Type in your email address, choose Canada and select your residential province.
  4. Select the currency, i.e. Canadian dollar.
  5. Enter your personal information asked by the platform.
  6. Then, create a unique password and confirm it.
  7. Then, answer three security questions asked and then accept the terms of use and privacy policy.
  8. Afterwards, you will receive an Account ID and a Neteller Secure ID. You’ll need to sign in to your account using the former and latter for depositing and withdrawing funds at an online Neteller casino.
  9. Now you have your account details with you.
  10. Make sure to first deposit into your Neteller account.

Adding funds to your Neteller Account

Neteller provides you with a wide range of options to add funds to your Neteller account. However, few options are free of cost, whereas some certain charge fees of the total amount you are trading. For example: for a bank transfer, it’s free of cost, however MasterCard, VisaCreditCard, and Visa Debit card charge 1.9-4.9 percent fees.

Withdrawing funds from a Neteller Account

  1. You can draw back your money using your respective Net+ card.
  2. After this, funds are virtually transferred to your bank account, and it will take 2-10 days to get back the money.
  3. While drawing back the funds, you have to incur a fee of about 7.5 to 25 Euros for Bank Draft 10.5 Euros for Member Wire, and it’s free for withdrawal via Bank Transfer and Merchants Sites.


To recuperate the positives and major notable points of using Neteller are its simplicity, ease and security. Also, there are a lot of varieties with which you can add and withdraw funds from your account. Adding funds to your Neteller account is way too simple as well. The platform also prioritizes the safety and security of your confidential information, making it all more preferable. Consequently, these factors can be used to convince oneself that Neteller is one of the most incredible and efficient ways to play at your favourite online casinos.