Bitcoin Casinos

Canadian operators have gradually implemented Bitcoin in their casinos since it has flourished in its economy. Currently, you will find casinos that fund their accounts using Bitcoins on gambling sites. In addition, online casinos in Canada have introduced Bitcoins for an easy, fast and secure transaction method. Following are the lists of Casino sites. 

Latest update 10 June 2024
  • North Casino
  • West Casino
  • iLucki
  • Bitstarz Casino
  • Bodog
  • Black Lotus Casino
  • LS
  • Casoo Casino
  • Native Gaming

Advantages of using Bitcoin

With the Bitcoins transaction method, you will have various advantages in gambling sites. Listed are the advantages that come with using Bitcoin on gambling sites:



In gambling sites, Bitcoin transactions are secure because it is encrypted and verified in several layers of security throughout the process. Bitcoin transactions assist in concealing the player’s identity, leaving no trace of the transaction process with the money invested.

No taxation:

Bitcoin is not recognized as legal tender. Therefore, there is no taxation.


Bitcoin is decentralized. Therefore, it cannot be taken away from you due to the absence of a central regulatory authority. You’re the one to control your own money and your transactions.


The transactions using Bitcoins are fast and might come with a low charge. These charges are almost non-existential. However, in some sites, operators charge some fees with the transactions. It processes a fast transaction because it involves no approval from any third party, unlike traditional payment methods.

Maintains privacy:

The transactions using Bitcoins involve no personal information registered. Anyone can find the information on addresses and balance sheets in a public ledger.

Disadvantages of using Bitcoin

Despite being advantageous in many uses, Bitcoin, however, comes with certain disadvantages:


Bitcoin is volatile. Therefore it changes unexpectedly and rapidly, and the value is never fixed. It is difficult for the players to select the real money into Bitcoins.


The transactions availed by Bitcoins are anonymous and unregulated and hence are less secure than the traditional methods. The transactions are irreversible and final. If the player sends it to the wrong recipient, it cannot be undone. The cryptocurrency is stored in the digital wallet, which makes it riskier. If any virus corrupts the records of the Bitcoin wallet, your money may vanish in seconds.

No Government Regulators:

It is a decentralized currency and hence is not regulated by the central authority. It can easily fall into fraud, as it does not have legal security and is not reversible. Being a decentralized currency, the value of Bitcoin drops or increases suddenly. The sudden drop in value affects both the operators and the players.

How to make a deposit using Bitcoin at an online Casino

Bitcoin used to deposit in the Casino accounts for gambling is no different from regular transaction methods. Banks cannot trace the money lender if Bitcoin is selected to pay in any online gambling sites. If you choose to go with bitcoin as your payment option, you can follow the simple steps:

Create a Bitcoin Wallet:

Players who have never used cryptocurrency for a transaction should create a wallet at first. You will get several wallets to select. Select the wallet convenient for desktop or mobile use. You can check on,, Google Play Store, or Apple Store for easily downloadable wallets. The wallet serves as the address to Bitcoin through which you can make payments to or from the casinos.

Find casinos that accept Bitcoin:

Several online casinos now have payment options done with cryptocurrency. It makes the transaction process in the casino easier, faster, and cheaper than the traditional methods.

Purchase Bitcoin:

Bitcoin can be purchased in several ways. You can do it in two ways. Whether you can purchase Bitcoins through the traditional method or you can mine Bitcoin. The simplest ways you can take to purchase it from a site that offers a wallet or sites like Coinbase and

These options allow you to buy Bitcoin with traditional methods like Paypal or credit cards. However, Mining Bitcoin is free of cost. It costs nothing but requires rigorous research and patience while it takes time to mine.

Process of deposit:

Now that you have already known about the Bitcoin wallet, follow the listed steps to deposit into the account to start gambling:

  • Register into the site for a casino account.
  • Go to the cashier page for the deposit option.
  • Select the deposit method as Bitcoin.
  • Now, link the casino account with the Bitcoin wallet (Note: This step might slightly differ between the sites.)
  • Choose the amount you want to deposit. 

Transactions using a Bitcoin wallet are generally instantaneous, but in some cases, it may take up to 60 minutes to show up the money in your account.