Gigadat Casinos

Gigadat is on the way to becoming one of the most preferred methods for gamblers at e casinos.

Several Canadian punters are opting Gigadat for the numerous benefits it provides. The platform extends numerous services for online gaming and online casinos. It is easy to use, simple and reliable application. These three points of support draw in numerous players to play at Gigadat Casinos.

Latest update 10 June 2024

As a foundation, Gigadat has the flexibility to communicate through various hurdles of Federal and Local guidelines in Canada. It can combine and present the inter-province transaction history flawlessly. No other payment system can perform such a function as seamlessly as Gigadat. Gigadat can do this since it is used by Canadians for the Canadian monetary administration framework.

Gigadat is a platform that makes available for businesses a strong portfolio that is secure and flexible for online banking transactions. In addition, the company follows the guidelines laid by the PCI payment card industry and also adheres to AML and other local regulations. Noting all these points, the incorporation provides a secure environment for gambling businesses.

Gigadat facilitates Pay-in and Pay-out solutions for Canadian consumers, permitting you to avail a hundred percent of all FI consumers. Gigadat’s interface, called BluSky, also provides transparency and security to all the customers regarding their transactions. And as far as the licensing and regulations are concerned, Gigadat is fully abided by the FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada) requirements.

Gigadat is the number one payment application in Canada. It has partnered with several merchants and has helped them grow their businesses through secure and end-to-end digital services. Business owners not only appreciate the reliability and economic transactions facilitated by the company, but they also commend the paperless report of monitoring and performance of various business industries across the globe.

The platform well understood the rising popularity of online games and sports and took the first-mover advantage of launching an online banking platform. The company also provides an option for safe and secure transactions of cryptocurrencies and thus is seeking higher value in e-businesses.

It is basic to have online payment methods that are safe, secure, effective, and meet guidelines. Furthermore, they should ensure Gigadat Casino players.

Advantages of using Gigadat


Widely acceptable in Canada:

Gigadat is widely acceptable in Canada, and using it is incredibly simple and easy. Being a player, the worst issue you could face is wanting to use a payment method that is only restricted to a couple of clients. Gigadat payment solutions are predominant in Canada, and in this way, conversing with online clubs and other e gaming platforms makes using it satisfactorily.


Gigadat’s speed of processing a transaction is unbeatable in Canada. The platform solely enjoys the monopoly of providing the highest velocity of getting payments done for its users. Not to be forgotten, their accessibility to the Canadian banking system gives them an edge in the process of settling transactions.


Gigadat payment solutions are the most efficient and reliable source of making payments in Canada. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the transactions made using this platform are clean, transparent and accurate. The credibility of holding seamless transactions using the Canadian financial infrastructure is commendable. They also stand meritorious in regulating between Canadian Provinces and the state laws simply by complying with the requirements and meeting the standards set by the authorities.

Transactions fees are the least:

The platform performs its function only at a 1-2% fee, which the merchant generally bears. Due to this feature, Gigadat payment solutions remain the most competitive e-payment systems available in Canada.

Disadvantages of using Gigadat

Many times merchants may think that there is an issue with payment processing. However, it is more likely that the Gigadat casino is settling its payments and receipts before finalizing a deposit or withdrawal. So, it’s better to check with the casino initially if your payment or withdrawal hasn’t been recorded.

How to make a deposit using Gigadat at an online Casino

Using Gigadat payment for making deposits at an e-casino is quite a simple task to perform. Each step of the process is to be made online and is self-explanatory. By selecting payment options at the final e-stop and confirming your order, you can conclude your withdrawal or deposit.

Other than this payment process, there are two core services that the plat-from is equipped with, which basically are:

  1. Interac e-Transfer: It is one of the leading services offered by the Gigadat payment. It is extremely simple and convenient to use for both the customer and the e-merchant. The most eminent feature of this service is that it can be used as a mobile application. It is so simple to use that most of the customers, without even realizing it, use Interac e-Transfer via Interac mobile app.
  2. Interac Online: This one is the second most used service offered by Gigadat. And as the name of the service suggests, it is to be opened up in an internet browser to proceed with a transaction.