Casino cashback bonus

Latest update 10 June 2024

What is a casino cashback bonus?

The casino cashback bonus is a reward system to entice gamblers in an online casino. It is offered to cover the casino games’ losses. These cashback bonuses are for the players who deposit a large sum of money during their gaming session. The money they pay for the losses ranges from 5% to 25% of the total loss. Cashback bonuses differ from casino to casino. These variations depend on their software, targeted players, markets, and distinctive strategies to keep them captivated. Besides, it also means to thank the players for their loyalty. The motto is to reward the players so that even if things go wrong on the casino site, the players can take pleasure in the exciting games and continue playing.

How do cashback bonuses work in an online casino?

Casino bonuses work in an online casino through a promotional deal. The cashback is offered at a percentage rate of about 5% to 25% of the net losses for a specific duration on a particular game. The casino site may return the cashback accumulated over a day, week or month. However, this cashback usually comes into the wallet of your casino account. The cashback amount is determined based on your deposit made into the casino account. The cashback assists the punters in keeping their bankroll alive. 

Let us look at how the cashback works in an online casino:

  • An online casino offers a cash back bonus of 20% with a limitation of $100.
  • When a player loses $200, they will get $40 back. This amount gets credited to their casino wallet.
  • When a player loses $800, they must be returned $120. But due to the set restriction, the players will get back $100.

Different types of casino cashback bonuses

If you are a hardcore gambler or a novice, you must know the cashback bonuses well. Online casinos offer several kinds of casino bonuses. Below listed are the casino cashback bonuses:


Reload Bonus

Reload bonus is a cashback bonus offered to the players when they deposit additional money in their online casinos. Thus, their amount is determined in accordance with the total percentage of the player’s deposit. But, every casino has its method or structure to decide this amount. Hence, you will find that each one compensates a different amount as a cashback bonus.

Generally, the operators can offer 10 percent of the deposit the player makes every month for a maximum deposit of $200. That means the player will receive a cashback of $5 if he deposits an amount of $50 in their casino account. The player will cease to receive the cashback after he has reached the maximum limit of $200 a month. Some gambling sites reward the reload bonus on a specific day of a week. 

Some reload bonuses can be linked to specific payment methods. However, it signifies that only a particular payment method can bring you a reload bonus. Therefore, it becomes essential to carefully go through the details of the reload bonuses option before settling on any payment methods. Besides, some casino sites offer their players a flat amount, while some provide rewards for a certain percentage. 

Cashback Welcome Bonus

A cashback welcome bonus is granted to the players new to the casino site. That means the players need to deposit a minimum amount into the newly created casino account. A cashback welcome bonus is structured to encourage players to join the casino site. Therefore, the players will receive a certain percentage of money as a cashback welcome bonus.

VIP Cashback

Simply, as the term suggests, it is offered to the players holding VIP membership. These players are counted for a VIP cashback bonus. The VIP cashback bonus is granted for the amount of money the payer has lost on the site, mainly on the VIP loyalty status.

Ongoing Cashback

Ongoing Cashback is the bonus awarded automatically to the players. It is given to players to cover the losses over a specific period. 

Cashback on total bets

Cashback on total bets is the player’s bonus on the total bet amount. It is not affected by a player’s losses or wins. On the contrary, they get a bonus on the total amount they have invested in all bets during a specific duration.

Cashback on Losses

Gambling sites offer cashback on losses as they realize that the gamblers cannot comfort themselves after losing their money. The typical cashback will be 20 percent of the lost amount. But a player will only receive an amount of $100 as a maximum limit.

How do you get your cashback from the casino?

Cashback from the casino requires wagering. The operators offer their players 100% wager-free cashback in most casinos. But in some casinos, you might need to wager first for a certain period to cash out your cashback money. So let us dive into the following points to know more about how you can get your cashback from the casino:

Requirements and terms wagering and casino cashback bonuses

Cashback bonuses do not come with a lot of terms and conditions. However, one must follow some essential wagering requirements to get their cashback. At some casinos, the cashback bonuses do not require a wagger. Therefore, wagering on the cashback remains lower than the regular bonuses. Most of the time, these bonuses don’t have any wagering requirements. Also, even if they do have – wagering requirements varies from casino to casino. Then, it becomes mandatory for the player to fulfill the wagering requirement in order to encash their bonuses.

Thus, you can now either play with the bonus or withdraw it. The cashback bonus typically applies to regular players. The average times a player can wager the cash ranges from 1 to 10 times. However, the CrazyFox Casino, Videoslots and Scatters pay their players’ cashback 100% wager free. Furthermore, it is crucial to keep an open eye on the expiration of the cashback bonus. If you do not wager it back on time, it may expire within the given duration.

Can you withdraw your cashback bonus?

The players have to wager it at some casinos before withdrawing the money. It simply means that first, you have to bet a certain amount; only then will the casino allow you to withdraw the cashback money. You can also play every game with the cashback money. Thus, you can actually win real money using this cashback amount. Besides, you can also win all your losses with a bit of luck.

Pros and Cons with cashback casino bonuses

Let us check on some of the Pros of cashback casino bonuses:

An opportunity to get a minimum amount after losing

Nobody indeed likes to blow their entire amount of money within a short period. It is where casino cashback kicks in at this crucial moment. If you get a cashback of even 10%, you have an opportunity for a second chance.

You have a chance to receive Cashback Deposit regularly

The online casinos vary in offering casino bonuses and how frequent they are. For instance, some sites may provide only cashback deposit welcome offers. Other sites may entitle only one offer every week.

Let us check on some of the cons of cashback casino bonuses:

Offers are limited

Most online casinos limit the coverage of your losses that you might earn from cashback. For example, If the casino offers a deal of 20% cashback and limits it to $100 per deposit. If you deposit $1000 and lose the entire amount, you would only receive $100 while you should have received $200. Therefore, go through the terms & conditions carefully. Or else, you would not have all your losses covered by the deal.

You have to lose the entire deposit to earn cashback

Some cashback requires you to lose your whole amount to gain a cashback. That means you do not earn anything. If you are not happy with the offers, then look for deals that offer you discounts without losing your entire amount.

Exclusion of certain games

Certain online casinos can restrict some casino games. It is because they do not let you take advantage of the cashback along with the pleasure of playing the games. For example, some casinos exclude baccarat and blackjack, the most favourable games, by offering 97% cashback.

How to get the most out of your casino cashback bonus?

If you wish, you can make the most out of your cashback bonus as it assists in making a profit over time. However, the cashback does not offer you long-term profits. It is indeed essential to losing money to collect cashback. But, they do give a chance to win money when any deal is available.

Let’s take an example:

If you deposit $200 and win $20 (Total $250)

The casino site offers 25% of cashback as a deposit bonus.

Then you take advantage, depositing $200.

You lose $50. (It is back to $200)

Now, you get 50 x 0.25 = $12.50 (cashback)

You receive 200 + 12.5 = 12.50 net profit.

This cashback saves you from breaking even, even if you do not get rich.

Frequently asked questions about casino cashback bonuses

Is the cashback bonus free money?

The cashback bonus is not entirely free money. The players are required to lose a certain amount of their deposit to gain cashback. Besides, different types of cashback bonuses determine your cashback bonus. As the online casinos vary, so do their deals. Some casinos want their players to get a VIP membership to enjoy a VIP cashback bonus. Players not owning a VIP membership cannot enjoy this cashback bonus. Therefore, in the case of online casinos, it is true that a player cannot earn any cashback bonus if he is not willing to put any money into the casino account. In addition, some casinos offer their players a cashback bonus after every successful deposit into the casino. However, the cashback bonuses come with a price. You have to continue your journey into the casino like a dedicated player.

What is a cashback bonus?

Every game has wins and losses. Cashback bonuses are granted to the players to compensate for the losses they have run into during their gaming session. The cashback bonus is a rewarding system that encourages you to keep playing without worrying about losses. The casino operators take care of the losses by awarding the players with a certain amount of casino cashback bonuses.

What does a cashback bonus mean?

Cashback bonuses are the ways for casino operators to offer an incentive on the gaming site. These cashback bonuses are offered to loyal/regular players. Depending on the site, the players dedicated to the site can be rewarded with cashback bonuses once every few weeks or every week. However, the cashback amount can be different from player to player, offer to offer and site to site. Usually, the cashback bonus is awarded to those players who spend a more considerable sum of money in the online casino every month than any other standard player. Some operators have already introduced policies to provide their player’s cashback on every loss and bet.

Where can I find a cashback bonus?

Most online casinos offer cashback deals to their players in an online casino. The cashback differs from site to site, player to player and deals to deal. However, players from Canada can claim the cashback by using promo codes by contacting customer support.