Live casino

Casino fans will tell you that there’s no substitute for the live casino experience – the excitement, the chatter, and the sounds of chips piling up all add to the ambiance that captivates them.

Latest update 10 June 2024

While playing online casino games is usually a solitary activity, many gambling sites are now offering live casinos with live dealer games that allow players to make bets via their computer while interacting with real dealers in real-time through a live feed.

We detail what games are available in this format, how to get involved, and more on this page.

Find live casinos with Casino Scoper

At Casino Scoper we aim at helping you find the best live casino sites for Canadian players. We are fully aware that there is a ton of different sites out there, but the main difference is that we will only give you the best live casino games and casino sites because there is of course where you want to put your money in. 

All live casino sites that you´ll find here are carefully reviewed and tested by our team to make sure that the sites are safe and good to play at. No matter what live casino games you are looking for, you will definitely find it at one of the casinos on our site.

Play casino games with live feed in Canada

It’s only natural that new and exciting developments will take place as the online gambling casino world grows and reaches new heights each year. For you that want to play casino games with a live feed in Canada, this is great news. 

Playing with live dealers from the comfort of your own home is one of the more recent additions to online casinos. You’ll be surprised at how exciting it can be to play live casino games at live dealer casinos.

Players who enjoy live casino games often take advantage of special bonuses, VIP offers, and other giveaways. Several online casinos offer live dealer games that go above and beyond to keep players entertained. 

As many Canadian online casinos with live dealers want to market this offering, many hold tournaments and other exciting special events, bonuses, and promotions, so be aware of these opportunities, which can allow you to take home some extra cash.


Live casino games

Live casino games are where you truly will notice the difference between having a regular online casino experience and playing at a Canadian live casino. When playing at a live casino you will get a much higher level of entertainment and you will have much more fun.

Although, many casino games that you will find in a regular online casino can also be found at a live casino. Down below we will go through the most popular games you can find at a live casino for Canadian players today.

Live Blackjack

The live blackjack experience closely resembles the one at a land-based casino. They both feature professional dealers, real cards, and visually impressive tables. The main difference is that players communicate with each other through chat boxes.

Blackjack live is as close as you can get to playing in a real casino. With live streaming dealers and tables, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in an immersive environment. You can play with other people without having to leave your home.

Online live blackjack tables are also available. You can bet as little as $5. There are also games with hand limits of up to $10,000. There is a betting level for every player, whether they are a novice or a professional.

Live Roulette

Live Roulette is a live-streamed game you can play in real-time. Experience the thrill of playing real money online against a real dealer. Live roulette is similar to playing at a land-based casino. The actual spinning wheel, chatting with other players and placing bets are what players enjoy.

There is a variety of betting options from table to table. It doesn’t matter if you’re a high roller or a low-roller, you’ll find the limits you need. The dealers in live casino studios are skilled. A croupier will answer your questions, help you learn the game, and make it more enjoyable for you.

On a high-quality video stream, you can see the wheel, the action, and the dealers. View the wheel and the results of each round from multiple camera angles. Using the live roulette interface, you can text other players and croupiers respond verbally when you ask them a question. This makes the game more social.

Live Baccarat

In Canadian casinos, live Baccarat is a popular game. You can also play live baccarat on your mobile device. This includes Android and iOS devices, tablets, or smartphones. You can use all features of the software on smaller devices with touchscreens. The games are loaded in your phone’s browser, so mobile live dealer baccarat streams instantly.

The number of real live dealer baccarat strategies and tips is quite small. As a game, there is little to no strategy and no deviation from the norm. Generally, the best strategy is to stay away from tie bets as well as other side bets. While they may appear attractive, these wagers tend to have a high house edge.

Live Baccarat can be played with real dealers at the most Canadian Live casinos online. 

Why play on a live casino?

Today, online casinos are all the rage, and gaming is growing in popularity. To play your favorite slots and table games, you no longer have to go to a land-based casino. For those who wish to play their favorite table games online, there is a wide selection to choose from.

Live dealer games are currently the hottest trend. The action in these classics is controlled by a real-life dealer, unlike online games controlled by Random Number Generators (RNGs). Attraction is caused by a variety of factors.

You will feel like you are part of the action wherever you are. The tangible excitement and tension of a live casino game cannot be replaced by regular online casino games. These games are dominating the online casino industry as of now. 

Down below we have listed a couple of reasons why you should play on a live casino. 

Get a better mobile experience

Live casinos weren’t accessible to mobile casino players for a while. Over the years, technology has advanced tremendously. Nowadays, most developers in the industry prioritize mobile compatibility. No matter where players are, they can now join live table games. 

Mobile casinos offer many of the same features as their desktop counterparts. Dealers can easily communicate with players, place bets, and monitor the action.

It is easier to trust the dealers

When playing certain classic table games online, players will feel more comfortable if they have a live dealer. RNGs are viewed as unreliable by some and believe their odds are stacked against them.

As a result, the gameplay is more natural, and many players are more comfortable knowing that their stakes are being handled by real people rather than AI. Online casinos already feel more human with live dealers.

A director and production staff can see what’s happening onscreen in every studio thanks to a control room. Live casinos offer safer gambling than online casinos, which use algorithms to detect problem gamblers.

Enhanced dealer interaction

The art of conversation is highly appreciated by fans of classic casino games. The interactive experience of live dealer games is not as personal as chatting with a dealer one-on-one.

A chatbox allows players to communicate with the dealer. A query can be entered into the box, which appears on a large screen for the dealer to respond to when they have a moment. Live casino companies hire professional and friendly dealers. In the game, they communicate using their names and tell stories.

The full camera angles allow players to observe the dealer’s actions. The game also allows players to interact with other players participating in the game, which enhances the overall experience.

How do I play live in an online casino?

Finding a reputable casino site is the first step in playing live casino games. The live casino section is located in a separate section of the site once you log in. Down below you will see a few steps to get you started in an online casino. 

  1. Start by creating an account at the casino. Once you’ve created your online casino account, log in and go to the gaming lobby.
  2. Choose the game you want to play and you will be automatically added to a live session.
  3. Put your bets on the computer with the help of computerized chips. Live dealers can also place your bets on your behalf.

It’s that easy to play live casino games. Almost all online live casinos follow the same steps. Some live casinos may also accept bets on sporting events.

Live casino online

A live casino is a place where you can play games with real dealers without visiting a gambling establishment. The game is broadcast from special studios where real dealers are filmed. By using chat systems, players can ask questions and place bets from anywhere using their gadgets.

Live casinos and online casinos are often confused by users. The two platforms differ significantly. While a Canadian live casino user participates in games remotely, he or she interacts with real people. In a best live online casino, the dice are rolled by a random number generator, but in a live casino, the dealer rolls the dice. The results are also random, but the game takes longer because the dealer interacts with the users.

If you want to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a real casino, live casinos are the best option. Players can see a real table and hear the sound of cards or wheel spins in a live casino. 

Although live game studios have only been around for a short time, broadcast-quality has dramatically improved. The equipment used for shooting is of the highest resolution. Various viewing angles are available: focusing on the table, on the dealer’s face or hands, on the information fields.

There used to be games with slow motion and replays: a separate camera would show how the live dealer roulette wheel stopped, how the dealer’s hands opened the cards. Immersion in the game is greatly enhanced by this level of detail.

The maximum amount of detail contributes to a great gaming experience.

Choose the best casino to play live casino games

In 2024, live casinos will be the biggest thing in online casino gaming. Players will be able to enjoy a live dealer sitting in a real casino dealing real cards for Blackjack or spinning a real wheel for roulette on-screen, via a webcam. It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s just like a real casino.

But the best part is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. You can even play with real money and chat with a real dealer (croupier).

When you choose the best casino to play live casino games at you should look for a couple of things. These things are mainly a wide selection of live dealer casino games available online, fast video streams, friendly dealers, and the best bonuses.

If you do find a live casino online that has all of the above-mentioned, then you are going in the right direction. 

Live dealer studios in Canada for live casino

Canada has slowly become one of the most popular live dealer destinations. The only major live dealer studio in North America used to be located in Toronto, Ontario. The studio itself is considered somewhat lacking in terms of ambiance, but its USA neighbors have an additional studio in New Westminster, British Columbia, which boasts much richer clothing selections as well as game offerings.

In contrast, the latter boasts a strong interface, uninterrupted gameplay, and great audio quality. Microgaming, one of the biggest and longest-running gaming developers in the world, nonetheless maintains the subsequent pull factors despite its drawbacks. Another live dealer behemoth – Evolution – maintains and operates the latter.

Evolution’s first studio outside the European continent, this live casino complex boasts its own dedicated data center, making it the company’s first outside of the continent. Since both studios are based in Canada, both dealers speak English as a native language. The dealers are all highly skilled and trained professionals, allowing players to play a few rounds of their favorite live games.

In Vancouver, dealers can also attend the International English Community College’s intensive Casino Dealer Internship Program. This course covers Blackjack, Roulette, Caribbean 5-Card Stud Poker, Mini-Baccarat, and 3-Card Poker in-depth.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about live casino

Are there real dealers in live casinos?

Yes, live casinos have real-life dealers that you can interact with

When are live casino games open?

Live casinos are open 24/7. That’s the best part about them and then you can play whenever you want.

Are there any bonuses for live casinos?

Yes! Many live casinos do offer bonuses to new and existing customers.

Are live casino games safe?

All live casinos that are licensed and regulated are safe to play at. Try to avoid non-licensed live casinos since they might be a big risk to you. 

What is the best casino for live casino games?

To name a certain live casino that is the best might be hard. But you should always try to find a live casino that offers a wide variety of games to ensure you get the best experience.